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We are buying the following equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com if you have any. New or used.  1. Switch C9500-24Y4C-A - 2 sets including: • C9500-24Y4C-A, Switch Cisco Catalyst 9500..
We are looking for good quantities of the following Nokia Radios. Let us know how many you have.  472924A FXED RFM 6T/6R 1800Mhz (6X60W) 473439A FXEF RFM 3T/6R 1800MHz (3X80W) 472956A..
We are looking to buy used/refurbished Calix. Calix 7RU B6-006 100-01486 - Calix 762GX ONT, 8POTS (QTY 5) 100-01299 - Calix 760 Enclosure (QTY 5) 100-00746 - Calix ONTCMN-560 AUD ALM..
We are looking for the following Quintum Tenor items. DX2030- 2 each; DX2060-2 each; DX4120- 4 each Contact sales@2keane.com
We are looking for the following Juniper items> Juniper MPC5EQ-40G10G.Used/refurbished/overstock. Contact us at sales@2keane.com  
We are looking to buy the following Ciena kit. Used/refurbished. Ciena Z77 WSS-402 card PN 800-0036-01 Quantity 4 Ciena Z77 WSS-F2 ROADM card PN 800-0136-01 Quantity 1 Contact..
We are looking to purchase the following medical hardware. Contact us if you have anything for sale. sales@2keane.com Baxter AS50 Syringe Pumps  BBraun Infusomat Space Infusion Pumps..
We need the following Alcatel/Lucent items. 10 ALCATEL-LUCENT TN1276 cards  contact sales@2keane.com
We are looking to buy the following Motorola/Emerson equipment. MVME5500-0163. Please let us know if you have any for sale.
We are looking for the following Juniper, Fujitsu, Siemens items. sales@2keane.com MPC5EQ-40G10G MPC5EQ-100G10G MPC7E-MRATE SCBE2-MX PWR-MX480-2400-DC RE-S-1800X4-32G NTCA50BA..
Legacy Electronics Corp. is looking for used/refurbished Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipment. Contact me steve@2keane.com to buy or sell! NTK539WB, NT0H15AY,..
WANT TO BUY: FC9565MPE2-I02, I04 or higher (no I03’s) FC9565TPE2’s any issue or FC9565TDA2-I04 or higher FC9685JC55, FC9682QMC1 FC9685N461 WMUCA05 FLASHWAVE 7420 FC9684LQ32-I03..
We are looking for used, excess, or over stock Tellabs or Coriant equipment. Contact Steve sales@2keane.com if you can help.  tellabs/coriant umc1000 SBT1B0AAAA 0120-0017 RPSU 0101 0006 XX..
We are looking to buy Fujitsu FC9565MPE2-I02, I04 or higher (no I03’s). Please contact steve@2keane.com if you have any for sale. Legacy Electronics Corp. 
We have regular requirements for these and other Ciena items. used/refurb/overstock/need repair. Please contact us if you have any for sale: sales@2keane.com 407-936-1310 Legacy Electronics..
BUYING USED.. Ciena Cyan equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com if you have these or any other Ciena items. 800-0058-01, CYAN/CIENA Z SERIES PME-216i, PACKET MULTIPLEXER MODULE 2XFP 16SFP
Our regular shopping list! Cash for your used equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com Cisco NCS2K-400G-XP - 400G CFP2 MR Xponder cards. NCS2K-100G-CK-C, CISCO NCS2K-200G-CK-C, Cisco..
We are looking for supplies of these Alcatel/Lucent items. Used/refurb. SNRTEEC 739B2   OC48 TRMTR FT-2000 or 739B5! Contact Steve sales@2keane.com www.ibuywireless.com  
We look to buy used/refurb/overstock equipment. Please contact sales@2keane.com if you have any of the following OR OTHER items for sale. CASH for USED. ..
NTK538UJ  Ciena NTK538UJ OME6500. We buy them, Sell them and repair them. Contact sales@2keane.com and we will help you out.